13 July 2015

Eastern Sweets Charmer

This is a personal work for some fairy tale project. The topic was Eastern Sweets. 
It took me a whole week to finish it. And I think this is my best work. 
Initial sketch:

6 July 2015


This is my recent work for Denis Zilber online course. The task was to draw a realistic pirate of XVII century, standing on the beach in the sunny weather with a chest. It was only a week for this task.

And this is the initial sketch and the middle point of the work, where I've got my critique from the teacher and edited my work.
 I'm very proud of my work, although it can be even better, but now it's my best one.
This course actually is amazing! And I can't have enough words to describe how much it's giving me.

2 July 2015

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Sometimes even illustrators are sick. And this is so frustrating when it causes your work parts, such as eyes or right hand...
Yesterday a carpal tunnel syndrome caused my right wrist. And I can't draw or paint, or even use my computer without pain. I've read that this is a widespread desease among computer working people. So, this is the lesson for me to have regular breaks while working. I hope it will be over soon, but now I should use the ointment and wear this...
P.S. Actually, I've found out the hot shower can lower the pain.

22 June 2015


I've been trying to draw my self-portrait for a year. There were many variations, but none of them resembled me as I am. And this made me very sad, but I kept on trying. And couple of months ago I finally have finished the one which really looks like me. I can't say it's realistic enough, but it shows not only my look, but my character too. Maybe in the future I'll try to draw my self-portrait again, but now this one is pretty good for me)
And this is my recent photo to compare)

18 June 2015

One Village

Yesterday I've finished a study piece with 3-point perspective. Actually, I don't like such graphic tasks, but this one was very inspirational.
I've used  free Carapace tool for making a perspective grid with 3 vanishing points. I think it's very useful, but as for me it has very strange hot keys. Anyway, I highly recommend it to everyone, who deals with perspective.

15 June 2015

Korushka Go Contest

Last spring I participated in one very interesting art contest - "Korushka Go Fest". The challenge was to draw or paint any idea within the general template of the fish. And my work became one of the 5 winners. This was very exciting, because I've never participated in art contests before. So, now all winners are printed and given away for free in many places across St. Petersburg. And if you are by a chance there, you can "go fishing" and get my Fish In Love as a souvenir.

Photos are taken from the official site.

11 June 2015

Smudge Guard

Yesterday I've got my Smudge Guard. It is a two-finger glove for more comfortable work with wacom tablet. And I must say it's really good! It helps  my hand to glide and draw long smooth lines very easy. Also it's very cool and looks amazing) I'm like a ninja when I'm working now.

Actually, these gloves were invented for left-handers not to get dirty while writing. But now they are used more widely. You can pick your size and colour and enjoy this wonderful thing for a couple of years. My teacher said he bought his glove 6 years ago and it's still good.

So, I think it's very useful thing and it should be a must-have item for every wacom user. 

8 June 2015

The Begining

Finally, I've finished painting my header, so now I can start my new blog)

Hi! Welcome in my personal blog. My name is Margarita Levina. As you probably noticed, I'm freelance illustrator. I spend most of my days in my apartment with my computer and wacom tablet drawing and painting something. Some people can think this is very dull, but I like my work very much.

My lovely cat Richard spends days with me, hanging around and lying on my work table near my hand so I can stroke him from time to time.

This blog is about my illustrator's life, so here you can find my pictures, sketches, process steps and other stuff related to my art. I would like to know what you think about it, so comments are really appreciated.

Let's go!)